ANSWER: There is absolutely no difference between LED and WLED. WLED just means a white LED. It’s the standard LED in LED-backed displays.

WLED vs LED — What Is The Difference?

The term LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, while WLED refers to White Light Emitting Diode. As we mentioned above, there is no difference between WLED and LED displays. WLED is arguably just a marketing term.

A LED monitor or LED display is mostly a flat-screen, has a short depth, and is light if we speaking about the weight. Please note, that LED display is not the same as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). LED and LCD monitors are based on the same basic technology for image display but differ in the kind of backlighting. The LCD is using CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) instead of LEDs to illuminate the screen. Although the light is often not particularly bright, they are typically more efficient and longer-lasting than traditional lighting. LEDs are used as a light source in home light bulbs, traffic lights, smartphone and laptop screens, or monitors.

Advantages Of LED Monitors:



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